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Elektronika zmrazovače ONE

Kód: 2-00250

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Elektronika zmrazovače ONE

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Model EVK802N7

EVK802 is a basic controller for the management of blast chillers.It is available in compact version, in the standard size 74 x 32 mm; the user interface consists of a custom display (with decimal point and function icons), three keys and guarantees an IP65 protection rating, for easy cleaning.

Technical Details

Mounting: Panel Mount

Housing: Self Extinguishing Plastic

Frontal Protection Rating: IP65

Size: 74 x 32mm (L X H)

Panel Cut out: 71 x 29mm

Display: 3-digit red LED with 1 decimal point

Power supply: 230 VAC 50hz 3VA

Temperature range:

-50 Deg C to +120 Deg C with a PTC Probe

-40 Deg C to +110 Deg C with a NTC Probe

Analogue Inputs: 2 Probes (NTC or PTC)

Digital Input: 1 Door Switch Input

Relay Outputs:

Relay 1 for Compressor 

Relay 2 to Evaporator Fan

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