Kondenzační jedn.SXL256Z052RVC

Kód: 2-10269

Vaše cena: 844.619,93 Kč

Vaše cena: 698.033,00 Kč bez DPH.

Kondenzační jednotka SXL256Z052RVC, split system

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General features : SXL256Z052RVC
Self-supporting casing in zinc plated steel varnished with epoxy powder (RAL 9003), openable front
panels for an easy access to the cooling system
Semi-hermetic compressor with internal motor protection
Crankcase heater
Copper tube condenser and aluminium fins
Axial fan-motors with external rotor
Pressure switchs for condenser fan control
Liquid receiver
Drier filter
Liquid separator
Sight glass
Oil differential pressure switch
High-low pressure switch
Solenoid valve on the liquid line
Shut-off valves connections to be welded
Electrical box (IP54) equipped with general switch, pilot lights, relays for the control of: compressor,
fan-motors, condenser and thermomagnetic protection
The fan-motors in use comply with ErP directive (Regulation EU 327/2011)
Cubic evaporator with electrical defrost it is made of copper tube, aluminium fins and casing
Valve expansion: thermostatic valve and temperature probes fitted
Drain heater
Separate control panel to be installed outside the cold room with electronic temperature control
The SX-RVC split system is shipped in two separate packages: condensing unit package with cold room
panel and evaporator package
Package included

Product file : Refrigerating systems
Code SXL256Z052RVC
Type Split
Mounting Horizontal
Range SX
Version -
Expansion Valve
Application LBP
Gas R404A
Net weight 735 kg
Ped 2
Defrost Electrical
Type Semi-hermetic
Voltage 400/3/50
Displaced volume 125,72m³/h
Pipe fittings
Liquid diam. 22 mm
Suction diam. 54 mm
Power consumption 30280 W
Current consumption 52,1 A
Fans no. 2
Diameter 560 mm
Air flow 20838 m³/h
Unit cooler
Fans no. 4
Diameter 500 mm
Air flow 34088 m³/h
Air throw 30 m