Kondenz. jedn. P-BL051Z2012/44

Kód: 2-10128

Vaše cena: 183.294,43 Kč

Vaše cena: 151.483,00 Kč bez DPH.

Kondenzační jednotka P-BL051Z2012/44

Na objednávku (dokončete nákup a my se vám ozveme s termínem dodání)

General features : P-BL051Z2012
Zinc plated steel frame, epoxy powder coated (RAL 9005)
Base frame on anti-vibration mounts (when provided)
Semi-hermetic compressor with internal motor protection
Voltage 400/3/50 Hz
Condenser coil made of copper tube and aluminium fins (RAL 9005 epoxy powder coating)
External-rotor axial fan motors
Liquid receiver fitted with pressure relief valve
Vibration damper on the discharge line (when provided)
Oil differential pressure switch (when provided)
PSH: High pressure switch, automatic reset, general safety (gas flow < 90 m³/h)
PZH and PZHH: High pressure switch, manual reset and internal high pressure switch manual reset,
general safety (gas flow >= 90 m³/h)
Weld-type shut-off valve connections
Terminal box for fans wiring up to 450mm fans diameter models
Condensing unit supplied with (5bar) nitrogen holding charge
Condensing unit in PED Category 1and 2
Units are packed in a cardboard carton or wooden crate depending upon model

Product file : Open condensing units
Code P-BL051Z2012
Application LBP
Condensation Air
Expansion Valve
Gas R404A
Net weight 199 kg
Liquid diam. 16 mm
Suction diam. 35 mm
Width L 1315 mm
Depth P 870 mm
Height H 852 mm
Power consumption 8628 W
Current consumption 16,68 A
Fans no. 2
Diameter 450 mm
Model 4PES-12Y
Type Semi-hermetic
Voltage 400/3/50
Displaced volume 48,5m³/h
MRA 22,7