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Kondenzační jedn. ERL1402111

Kód: 2-10173

Původní cena: 57.098,69 Kč
Vaše cena: 37.751,20 Kč bez DPH

Vaše cena: 45.678,95 Kč s DPH

Kondenzační jednotka ERL140Z2111

Na objednávku (dokončete nákup a my se vám ozveme s termínem dodání)

General features : ERL140Z2111
Self-supporting casing in steel varnished with epoxy powder
Sound insulation
Hermetic reciprocating compressor
Crankase heater
Curved condenser made of copper tube and aluminium fi ns
Condenser fan speed variator
Axial fan motor (230V/1/50Hz) low speed (900 rpm)
Liquid receiver
Drier filter
Sight glass
Dual pressure switch with manual or automatic reset
Condensing unit under nitrogen pressure
Service valves for liquid and suction lines
Connections to be welded
Built-in electrical box equipped with disconnecting switch
The fan-motors in use comply with ErP directive (Regulation EU 327/2011)
Package included

Product file : Condensing units with housing
Code ERL140Z2111
Range ME
Application LBP
Condensation Air
Expansion Valve
Gas R404A
Net weight 56 kg
Liquid diam. 6 mm
Suction diam. 10 mm
Noise 36 dBa 10m
Width L 1016 mm
Depth P 420 mm
Height H 580 mm
Power consumption 704 W
Current consumption 3,63 A
Fans no. 1
Diameter 400 mm
Model NEK2168GK
Type Hermetic
Voltage 220-240/1/50
Displacement 14,28cm³