Váha BOSCH ADS-100

Kód: 1-00305B

Vaše cena: 9.132,00 Kč bez DPH.

Vaše cena: 11.049,72 Kč s DPH

Váha BOSCH ADS-100

Na objednávku (dokončete nákup a my se vám ozveme s termínem dodání)

A revised and updated version of the classic TIF Slimline scale, the PROMAX ADS-100 brings greater performance, reliability and usability. With outstanding resolution, and no compromise on capacity, this unit offers features and specs that you won’t want to do without.


100 kg or 200 lbs capacity

Three display modes in Kilograms, lbs/oz, Decimal Pounds

Very high resolution: 4 g / 0.2 oz / 0.010 lbs at 100 kg

Compact design and completely portable

Proven technology

Extreme accuracy

Auto Zero

Removable platform and control box with prop stand/hanging hook

Overload protected

CE approved