Výparník RSV2200605ED

Kód: 2-10015

Vaše cena: 13.399,00 Kč bez DPH.

Vaše cena: 16.212,79 Kč s DPH

Výparník RSV2200605ED

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General features : RSV2200605
RSV unit coolers have been designed to be installed inside cold rooms suited for fresh and frozen goods
Their shape, being extremely compact, make their installation possible also in cold rooms having very
small dimensions
Thanks to their high speed fan motors, wired on terminal box,and to the evaporator coil placing that give
them a higher thermal change, give a result of higher capacities compared to the same overall
5 mm fin spacing.
The ED version, supplied with fitted defrosting heater and wired on a terminal box is particularly suitable
for being used in low temperature applications.
The coil is made of aluminium fins and 3/8” copper tube with geometry 25x22
It is tested with nitrogen at a pressure of 25 bar
The fan motor models in use have the following features:
Manufactured following EN 60335-1 laws, with internal thermal protection
Draw through air flow
Fan guard made of plastic and brackets made of steel
Fan diameter 200mm, 34° inclination
Power supply 230-240V/1/50-60Hz
IP42 protection rate
Operating temperature from -40°C to +40°C
B insulation class
Electrics made in conformity with 2006/95/CE Low Tension directive
The housing is made of aluminium
The manufacturing solutions used give the housing strength and guarantee the absence of vibrations
during the functioning.
Screws, washers and nuts are made of stainless steel
All models are supplied with fitted drip tray